IUSSI North west European section

In order for students to apply for funding from the section to attend international IUSSI meetings, students normally need to have been a member of the section for at least one year prior to the application deadline. However, students beginning their studies in October 2019 and registering as a member in October/November will pay their 2020 fees, and still be counted as being a member since 2019.

Two perks:

* Members receive a discount when registering for the winter meeting in London (Dec 16th).

* Students that register this October, are then eligible to apply for travel-funding for the EURO IUSSI 2020 in Toulouse, France.

Having a subscription to IUSSI is a great way to support the world of social insect research. Membership is cheap (£7.50 for students, £15 for full members). One additional perk of being a member is that it provides large discounts when registering for IUSSI conferences. Applications for section membership can be found at: http://www.iussi.org/NWEurope/subs.htm

The section newsletter has now been re-imagined on-line, and is accessible to all: The September newsletter can be found at: https://sway.office.com/FthDa2n0HB7fLTen The October newsletter will be on-line shortly (see http://www.iussi.org/NWEurope/newsletter.htm)

« We felt the yearly format resulted in newsletters that were long and time consuming to read. Therefore, we are (provisionally) changing to a monthly format. We hope this will result in more engaging & easy to digest content. This format also allows us to make announcements such as new job opportunities more easily. »

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