Offre de Postdoc : ANT VENOMs

This position is open to PhD. students or postdocs who have been working on ant venom related research work and would like to continue postdoctoral research in our institution in Beijing. Applicants need to apply for a special fund from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to support postdoctoral position for internationals. The salary covered will be 250k RMB (equals to US $ 38k) per year for 2 years plus round-trip air-tickets.

The program has to be initiated no later than April 30, 2018. The deadline for application is Sep. 24 2017.

The application is highly competitive. Applicants should have nice publications. And those with physiological entomology, molecular biology, chemical biology, or chemical ecology background would have priority to be considered. My major research project is on the biosynthesis of fire ant venom alkaloids and evolution of fire ant venom.

Please be aware that the postdoc position absolutely depends on the approval of application.

If anyone has interest, please contact Dr. Li Chen at via email for more information.

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