Offre de Postdoct : Termite/cockroach phylogeny and microbiomes, Okinawa Japan

No specific deadline – apply as soon as possible – Starting date is as early as May 2023, but is flexible.The Evolutionary Genomics (PI: Thomas Bourguignon) Unit is recruiting one (perhaps two) postdoctoral researcher(s) to join our group at OIST (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology). We would particularly like to recruit someone with good bioinformatics skills, able to analyse high-throughput sequencing data (especially Illumina and PacBio HiFi reads). We are working on various topics, especially the phylogeny of termites and cockroaches and the evolution of these insects with their bacterial symbionts. We would like to work more on the latter topic in the near future; therefore, anyone with a good knowledge of the termite gut microbiome would be great as a future postdoc. Researchers with other interests are also welcome to apply, as long as they are eager to work on the evolution of Blattodea and their microbes in general.Starting date is as early as May 2023, but it is flexible.The advertisement and application guidelines can be found here:

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