Offre d’emploi – Éradication (National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program) / Australie : Planning Officer


Job type Temporary Full-time
Occupational group Policy & Planning
Classification AO6
Workplace Location Brisbane – West
Job ad reference QLD/244386/17
Closing date 27-Jun-2017
Yearly salary $89940 – $96230
Fortnightly salary $3447.40 – $3688.50
Job duration Until 30 December 2017 with possible extension
Contact person Cara McNicol
Contact details Ph: 0419 712 991


You will undertake high level treatment and surveillance planning for the eradication of red imported fire ants (fire ants).  The key deliverables of this project are to guarantee the provision of all plans for treatment and surveillance are delivered within tight deadlines for the Program.

You will develop comprehensive eradication plans via a process based on the highest densities of confirmed fire ant sites, anticipated spread patterns and highest risk using a range of tools including spread modelling, mathematical modelling, and spatial information.

You will have the ability to analyse Program data (including but not limited to: colony relatedness and the effectiveness of treatment and surveillance methods), conduct data mining and modelling, participate in scientific based research and assess technical and international best practice to inform eradication plan development

You will have well developed written communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate critical information to colleagues and stakeholders in a timely and accurate manner.  You will work collaboratively to ensure comprehensive and effective eradication and surveillance plans are delivered on time.

Applications to remain current for twelve months.

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