A PhD course in « Social Evolution » will be held at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, from 4-8 November 2019.


This PhD course will introduce the key concepts in social evolution and the use of social insects as a model system to understand the evolution of sociality. The following topics will be covered by local and invited scientists who are experts in the field:


Conflict and Cooperation, Communication, Social Cognition, Social Organization, Social Immunity, Mutualism & Parasitism, Genetics and Genomics in social insects


Through this course, students will develop a firm platform on which to build their own knowledge and ideas. It will train students to critically address key literature, through questioning, debating and presenting research papers. Importantly, the course will provide students the opportunity to build connections with their peers and the invited scientists. Therefore, we highly encourage early-stage PhD students to apply.


Lecturers: Prof. Ashleigh Griffin (Oxford) Dr. Elli Leadbeater (Royal Holloway), Dr. Nathalie Stroeymeyt (Fribourg), Dr. David Nash (Copenhagen) , Dr. Michael Poulsen (Copenhagen), Dr. Christopher Pull (Royal Holloway).


Organisers : The course is being organized by Nick Bos, Christopher Pull and Michael Poulsen.


Target audience : PhD students studying social evolution . Spaces will be limited to ~ 20 participants .


Accreditation : The course is being supported by Copenhagen University, and participants will therefore be awarded a certificate and 3 ECTS points .



Website and registration :


Registration deadline : 31st August, 2019

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