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Bonjour à toutes et tous ; L’unité INRAE Abeilles & Environnement recrute un.e de recherche « Responsable de plateau expérimental en apiculture ». (clôture des inscriptions le 25 mars)   Informations générales sur le déroulement de la campagne :   Bonne journée ;   Mickaël Henry Directeur d’unité – Unité de recherche INRAE Abeilles & Environnement

Offre de Post-doc (3 ans) : Climate effects on bees and crop pollination (Gif-sur-Yvette)

Climate effects on bees and crop pollination – a 3-year postdoc position Working places: Unité Mixte de Recherche 247 EGCE – Evolution, Génomes, Comportement et Ecologie – Gif-sur-Yvette – France (, and fieldwork in several French study sites. Job description: We open a 3-year postdoc position related to an accepted international PRIMA project. The postdoc […]

Offre de stage de Master 2 à Lille : Exposition des abeilles sauvages aux polluants urbains

Titre du sujet : Exposition des abeilles sauvages aux polluants urbains : imprégnations individuelles et caractérisation des sources de contamination   Bref descriptif : Le succès des pollinisateurs sauvages en ville, réel en zones suburbaines, apparait plus limité en zones à fort taux d’urbanisation. Dans ces zones, l’exposition accrue aux polluants urbains pourrait être l’une des causes des […]


Review of applications will begin 1 NOVEMBER 2020 Start Date: Spring/Summer 2021 (flexible) The Smith Bee Lab ( research on the basic biology of honey bee colonies in a natural history context. We are interested in how colonies develop, how they are organized, and how they detect and respond to biotic and abiotic changes. Here […]

Offre de Post-doc (30 mois) : INRAE Abeilles et Environnement (Avignon)

Bees & Environment, INRAE Avignon, France In a rapidly changing environment, honeybee colonies are increasingly exposed to diverse sources of stress, which represent a challenge to their social homeostasis and can ultimately lead to their collapse. A multifactorial aetiology has often been reported (e.g. new parasites, decline in flower availability/diversity and exposure to agrochemicals acting […]

Offre de stage M2 : Espèces florales invasives et pollinisateurs, sensorialité et apprentissage – Toulouse

PROPOSITION DE STAGE DE M2   Sujet: Espèces florales invasives et pollinisateurs : sensorialité et apprentissage   RENSEIGNEMENTS SUR L’EQUIPE D’ACCUEIL Intitulé: Experience Dependent Plasticity in Insects (EXPLAIN) Responsable(s) : Martin Giurfa & JM Devaud Laboratoire : Centre de Recherches sur la Cognition Animale (CRCA) UMR 5169 CNRS/Université Paul Sabatier Site web :   RESPONSABLES […]

Offre de CDD : Ingénieur d’études en biologie moléculaire appliquée à l’abeille – Toulouse

Intitulé de l’offre : Ingénieur d’études en biologie moléculaire appliquée à l’abeille (H/F) Référence : UMR5169-MARGIU1-001 Lieu de travail : TOULOUSE Date de publication : lundi 13 janvier 2020 Type de contrat : CDD Technique/Administratif BAP : Sciences du vivant, de la terre et de l’environnement Emploi type : Ingénieur-e en techniques biologiques Durée du […]

Offre de thèse : Thermal Adaptation in Native Australian Bees, Monash

No deadline given Monash U Australia/Graduate Position/Immediate start A fully-funded Ph.D. position is available examining thermal adaptation in native Australian bees. Bees are keystone species in many ecosystems due to their role as pollinators. Any changes in the abundance and distribution of bees will have significant knock-on effects on biodiversity and ecosystem services. Despite their […]

Offre de Post-doc & Thèse – Several postdoc and PhD positions on bees and ants: US, UK, Germany, Denmark

POSTDOC: GLOBAL BIODIVERSITY OF ANTS, YALE        A new, 2-3 year postdoc position is available in association with the Yale Center for Biodiversity and Global Change (BGC Center), the GEO BON Species Populations Working Group, Map of Life, and the Jetz Lab. The position is part of a larger, collaborative initiative to advance […]

Offre de thèse : University of Konstanz, Germany

A fully funded position is available to study the social regulation of stinging behaviour of honeybees. Honeybees defend their nest against large predators thanks to a collective effort to harass and sting the intruder. The stinger apparatus has evolved to detach upon stinging elastic skin (such as ours) to maximize venom delivery, but the drawback […]

Offre de stage : Effet du gradient de fermeture du milieu sur les communautés d’abeilles sauvages dans les ENS de l’Hérault (34)

Contact: Date de fin de validité: 2019-12-20 Contexte et problématique La pollinisation connait une crise mondiale, qui concerne à la fois les abeilles domestiques et sauvages, ainsi que l’ensemble des insectes pollinisateurs. Les problèmes de la filière apicole a permis de sensibiliser plus largement le grand public au déclin de l’ensemble des insectes pollinisateurs. […]

Offre de stage : University of Hull – BeeGenomics

For details please contact Dr James Gilbert ( To apply, and for more details: Deadline: 6 Jan 2020 Eligibility: UK and EU students only Funding: UK (NERC, Competition-funded)   Ecosystem stability and global food security depend upon healthy populations of bees, our foremost pollinators. Bees provide pollination services worth hundreds of billions of pounds […]

Offres thèse et Stage M2 : Pollinator health & bee abundance, Virginia tech

POLLINATOR HEALTH & BEE ABUNDANCE, VIRGINIA TECH   The Couvillon Lab and the O’Rourke Lab, both at Virginia Tech, seek 2 (1 Ph.D., 1 M.S./Ph.D.) highly motivated students with a keen interest in pollinator health & native bee abundance and diversity to join our research groups. Students will begin in Fall 2020 or Winter 2021. […]

Offre de Post-doc : Bee biology, Jiangxi agricultural university, China

POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCHER: BEE BIOLOGY, JIANGXI AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY Position Overview: We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with interest and analytical skill in either social behavior, population genetics, comparative genomics, evolution, microbiology or molecular ecology. The applicant has complete freedom to develop his/her own research project. The funding package is available for 2 years and the […]

Offre de thèse : Bee-plant interactions, Munich, Germany

PhD: BEE-PLANT INTERACTIONS, MUNICH   A PhD position is available at the Plant-Insect Interactions group as part of the Department of Ecology and Ecosystem Management at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Starting date is March 1st 2020. The position is fixed-term (36 months). Salary scale: TV-L 13, 65%.   Project description As part of […]

Offre de thèse : Conservation physiology in wild bees

« Conservation physiology in wild bees » dans le cadre d’un projet européen Biodiversa. Most of studies on wild bee decline have focused on species richness and distribution patterns through large (national to continental) scales. However, those patterns (species range contractions and diversity erosion) depict the outcome of extinction processes. Conservation biologists urgently need to identify alternative […]

Offre de stage en cognition et comportement – Master 1 – Modulation de l’apprentissage visuel par le neuropeptide sNPF chez Apis mellifera.

Modulation de l’apprentissage visuel par le neuropeptide sNPF chez Apis mellifera. Contact: Date de fin de validité: 2020-08-01 Contexte : La plupart des comportements peuvent être modulés par l’action de composés biochimiques, tels que des neuropeptides. Par exemple, des études ont permis de démontrer chez les mammifères que la recherche et la prise de […]

Offre de thèse : Deciphering the mechanisms of honey bee resistance to the parasite Varroa destructor

  Context and project description In eusocial insects such as the honey bee, Apis mellifera, the tight cooperation of individuals that live in close contact as well as food and chemical communication signals that are exchanged widely between colony members can make the colony superorganism vulnerable to disease outbreaks. In the face of this threat, […]


The Plant Evolution group at the University of Stirling (UK) is seeking a highly motivated, detail-oriented assistant for fieldwork in the Cape mountains (South Africa) during austral Spring 2019 (September/October).   PROJECT: Many plant species use pollen as reward for pollinators. Some species have evolved a complex mechanism where pollen is contained within closed (i.e. […]


A 2 year full time ERC-funded postdoctoral position is available starting 1 June 2019 in the research group of Professor Jeremy Field, based in the Centre for Ecology & Conservation, University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus, UK ( The successful applicant will work on a project investigating the evolution of queen-worker caste differences and social behaviour […]

30ème congrès UIEIS – Inscriptions fin mars/début avril – Avignon 28-30 août 2019

 Ouverture des inscriptions du 30ème congrès de l’UIEIS à Avignon Site web pour les inscriptions : Un deuxième flyer avec l’adresse du site sera diffusé à cette période. Comité scientifique Cédric Alaux Luc Belzunces Axel Decourtye Yves Le Conte Fanny Mondet Maryline Pioz   Comité d’organisation Cédric Alaux (responsable) Maryline Pioz (co-responsable) Luc Belzunces […]

Offre d’emploi Assistant(e) ingénieur apicole : CDD mars – décembre 2019

Structure et Contexte L’INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) est le premier institut de recherche agronomique en Europe. Il mène des recherches au service d’enjeux de société majeurs. L’Unité Abeilles et Environnement de l’INRA d’Avignon conduit des recherches pour étudier les causes du déclin des populations d’abeilles, et ses conséquences sur la pollinisation et […]

Offre de Postdoc : impact of stress on collective behaviour in honey bee colonies at the University of Sydney in Australia

School of Life and Environmental Sciences Faculty of Science Research position focused on investigating the impact of stress on collective behaviour in honey bee colonies Full-time, 3 Years Fixed-Term, Camperdown Campus Academic Level A Base Salary: $92,682 p.a. – $98,940 p.a. plus leave loading and a generous employer’s contribution to superannuation.   More details: […]

Offre de stage M2 : Exposure to pesticides and Bee health: an intercontinental project

ExpoBee Exposure to pesticides and Bee health: an intercontinental project ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety – European Union Reference Laboratory for Honeybee Health; Section of Maisons-Alfort, Paris) is looking for an enthusiastic student that is interested in gaining research and data management experience. You will be working together with […]

Offre de thèses : Abeille / Department of Entomology at Purdue University

Description: Two full-time Graduate Research Assistantships (Ph.D.) are available beginning Summer/Fall 2019 in the laboratory of Dr. Brock Harpur ( in the Department of Entomology at Purdue University. North American honeybee populations are non-native. They originate from European settlers who brought colonies from at least two highly-diverged source populations. How does admixture of highly diverged […]

Offre de thèse : evolutionary epigenetics and genomics of social insects in the Hunt Lab at the University of Georgia

The Hunt Lab is broadly interested in how evolution produces variation in insect form and function. We use ants and bees as models for studying how evolutionary mechanisms shape variation in social behavior. We have two, recently-funded projects in the lab to support graduate students; both use functional genomic and transcriptomic methods to study the […]

Offre de stage de Master : Abeille / Guêpes / Fourmi d’Argentine

The Gibson lab in the Department of Biology at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, GA invites applications for a Masters Degree in insect evolutionary genetics to begin Spring 2019. The research focus of the lab is on the genetic/genomic basis of traits in social and solitary Hymenopteran insects. Current projects/systems in the lab include: 1) […]

Offre de CDD : Technicien de recherche à l’INRA d’Avignon (Unité Abeilles et Environnement) – Toxicologie expérimentale

Offre de CDD : Technicien de recherche à l’INRA d’Avignon (Unité Abeilles et Environnement) – Toxicologie expérimentale   Missions La personne sera intégrée à l’unité Abeilles et Environnement (INRA Avignon) dont l’axe de recherche majeur est l’étude des causes du déclin des populations d’abeilles, et ses conséquences sur la pollinisation et la biodiversité dans les […]